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Ivory Hypnos

Pampered Gift Basket

Pampered Gift Basket

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1 All-Natural Room Refresh Spray
1 All-Natural Body & Foot Scrub
1 Pore-Refining Charcoal Mask
1 Stress Away Rub

LONG LASTING - Just spray the surface of the water in your toilet a few times, before you go, to block unpleasant odors, no one else will know about it. No more trying to mask the smell that's already in the air

NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Use the power of nature to nourish your daily wellness. Our clean beauty deodorizing formula is formulated with safe, natural ingredients and infused with aloe, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils.

CATCHES ODOR: Helps beyond the bathroom too, use it to combat strong laundry, daycare, and garbage can odors. Made in the USA. Plant-based, vegan, safe, and highly effective. 

Selectable scent theme and packaging finish.

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