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LCD Drawing Tablet

LCD Drawing Tablet

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2 In 1 Design - the innovated combination of pen tablet and LCD writing tablet.

Principle of Work

The writing tablet of H320M is developed based on the E-paper Display (or Bistable LCD) Technology, which allows the plastic LCD to hold an image after the pressure is applied. Image kept on the LCD can be cleared via pressing the Clear All Button, which would require a small amount of energy only.

Tilt Support

Algorithm is optimized to realize ±60°brush tilt in a more organic way, which supports users to do digital calligraphy as well as simulate pencil sketching without compromising of accuracy or their authentic drawing skills.

Phone Connectivity

Connect your phone to the tablet and in case the Phone Mode is activated automatically, the aspect ratio of active area requires to be adjusted as X: Y=10: 16. Otherwise, long press the pre-programmed express keys (K1 and K6 as showed in the picture) for 3 seconds to activate the Phone Mode.


1. 259.2×157.4mm/10.2×6.2inch ideal active area for drawing and keeping notes;

2. Pressure sensitive tablet that brings users organic strokes and lifelike writing experience;

3. Free from cable connection and the coin cell battery will do the energy supply;

4. Clear All Button that helps you erase all the marks kept on the tablet;

5. A multi-purpose tool for writing, sketching, calculating and drafting, etc;

6. Lines input by your digital pen or fingers can all be held on the monochrome(blue) LCD (* scratch with sharp objects will spoil the LCD);

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