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Half Round EVA Foam Roller

Half Round EVA Foam Roller

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Half Round EVA Foam Roller

The Pilates Half Foam Roller is a crescent-shaped foam roller that is excellent for massage, yoga, Pilates and rehabilitation training. The shape allows you to choose whether you want to practice balance on the rounded part or have a stable base on the flat part.

The Pilates Half Foam Roller has a texture on the surface on both sides which gives a better grip so you avoid slipping during the exercises. The flat side gives you the opportunity to stretch your muscles which has many benefits. Among other things, it helps the muscles to become flexible and prevents them from becoming short and/or stiff, which increases your mobility.

The other, rounded side of this Foam Roller also gives you the opportunity to train stability and balance, which reduces the risk of injuries and overloading the muscles and gives you a better posture.


  • Perfectly suited if you practice both stability/balance and stretching
  • Increases blood circulation

Why use a half foam roller?

  • Stretching increases the flexibility of the muscles.
  • Balance and stability training reduces the risk of injury and overload.

✿ Made of EVA foam, light, very soft, elastic cap, floating massage surface.
✿ Waterproof, non-slip, non-toxic, tasteless.
✿ The most popular Pilates, yoga trainer, we can also make children's sports equipment, swimming poles.
✿ Yoga columns can help yoga practitioners complete balance
✿ It is also possible to end the adhesion of soft tissues and scar tissue, self-massage and release of the myofascial fascia, breaking the trigger point. The fascia simultaneously increases blood flow and circulation, relieving soft tissue tension.

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