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Flashcards for Baby Visual Sensory

Flashcards for Baby Visual Sensory

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Flashcards for Baby Visual Sensory

Between the ages of 0 and 3 is the golden age for baby brain development. Activate the baby's visual nervous system through black and white card and color card Promoting whole brain development and matching light and shade, Perception of graphics. Improve observation, curiosity, and the ability to explore .It's great for your baby's vision development and brain development!
Harmless to health.

High-contrast black and white patterns: Newborns prefer to look at complex, high-contrast patterns, which helps develop baby's vision and stimulates their curiosity. Use our huge mirror toy to extend tummy time practice and help baby learn self-awareness, visual observation, and develop communication skills.

The mirror is covered by the book's flaps which can be used for a great game of parent-baby Peek-A-Boo. Star-shaped holes on the flaps that cover the mirror sparkle and capture baby's attention.

Can be used in 3 different positions: tummy time, or in a sitting position while in the stroller or when traveling by car Lightweight and easy to fold and use on the go

High-quality and safe materials: Our newborn toys are made of safe and eco-friendly materials and have passed ASTM/CPSIA certification. The Taf Toys XL Baby Toy Book is made from high-quality, baby-safe, non-toxic materials for babies to play with without the risk of being harmed.

Please allow 0.3-1cm due to manual measurement.
Due to different monitor, the color(s) may have difference contrast to the picture displayed.

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