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Baby Hair Clipper Mini Electric Hair Remover

Baby Hair Clipper Mini Electric Hair Remover

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Candle Lighter & Cute Design: Candle lighter is a cool little gadget. The anti-fingerprint lighter design makes it resistant to dirt. Equipped with an anti-slip ring and lanyard that make the candle lighter easy to store in a place where kids can't touch it. Perfect for candle, Halloween lights, B-Day Cake, Xmas gift.
Electric Lighter & Safer: Electric candle lighter uses plasma tech to replace harmful butane. Treble protection, you need to slide the safety lock and start the plasma arc beam. For safer, the electric lighter will shut off after 10s of being ignited. Note: It couldn't get to ignite while charging.

USB Lighter Rechargeable & Economical: USB candle lighter is equal to 300 disposable lighters, no butane, fluid, gas, flame. USB lighter reused more than 600 times. Easy to carry and can be charged by mobile power, computer, adapter. This would be a good option for an emergency kit ( like car lighter).
Plasma Lighter & Windproof: The Arc lighter adopt flameless plasma technology to protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind. It might make a bzzzz sound after switched on, that is is the sound of an arc breaking through the air. It is absolutely normal circuit operation, NO effect on regular use.
Grill lighter & Widely Used: The top part of the candle lighter wouldn't get damaged by candle fire, you can just clean it. This usb lighter is very small and portable.Perfect for travel camping, hiking, BBQ grill, candle jars, incense cone, gas stove, fireworks, fireplace, kitchen cooking, and so on.

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